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Custom Ring Orders

Rings from the heart...

We work with countless materials to make you the ring YOU want. That includes personal keepsakes such as stones, seashells, and even cremations of pets and loved ones!


Frequently Asked Questions

1/ How do I get started?

Contact us on the form below explaining what it is you'd like. Provide as much detail as you can. After we receive and review your inquiry we will reach out to you regarding your inquiry!

2/ Do you make every aspect of the ring by hand?

For the time being, we do not work with certain ring materials such as gold and silver ourselves. We contract some work to a trusted local jewelry store and then complete the additional aspects of the ring ourselves.

3/ What does a custom ring cost?

Each custom ring will vary in time and price. We will provide a quote after we receive an inquiry. For most custom ring orders we require 30% of the ring paid for upfront before beginning its creation. Curious to know what your idea would cost? We would love to talk to you about it! Inquiries are no obligation. See what we can do for you!

4/ What materials can be used in a custom ring?

You can use just about any material! We use every kind of ring material; gold, silver, white ceramic, black ceramic, carbon fiber, wood, etc!


We can inlay any ring with just about any material as well; wood, opal, stones, minerals, deer antler, bone, meteorite, obsidian, etc!


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